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Ethics Program
Simply put, ethics are moral and appropriate behavior in the workplace. A typical misconception is that ethics and legality are synonymous; however, not all unethical action is illegal and can typically be controlled within an organization. The following program will help to establish and clarify a basis for a proper code of ethics for this organization. Ethics are important because it helps to define and strengthen the culture of an organization. The culture of an organization is vital for providing quality goods and services, which determines the sustainability of the organization’s operations and ultimately the success or failure of the organization. My role as the ethics officer will be to align this program with the current values of the organization and will include; developing, maintaining and improving guidelines for the organization’s long term reputation and sustainability.

Standards and Procedures Personal Appearance/Dress Code
Employees are expected to be neat and clean in appearance and dress appropriately for office or public contact. Additional requirements may be established.
Attendance and Leave Reporting
Employees are required to be present on their assigned jobs for the total hours in the established workday or work period unless the manager authorizes absence from duty. Employees who expect to be absent from work for any reason should request approval from the manager as much…

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