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In many organizations, codes of conduct, mission statements, organizational values and well-defined company cultures are the framework or set the foundation for in which many organizations run by. Unfortunately, even with all of these, a breakdown in business ethics occur every day at work. Often times you will employees fail to practice fundamental business ethics ranging either far or close to home. Throughout my military career in particular, ethical lapses affect individual employees as well as the different divisions and support units as a whole. Although when we [military] take the oath and throughout our basic military training to join U.S. military service are engrained with our Air Force core values, Integrity First, Service Before Self and Excellence in All We Do; the display of unethical behavior unfortunately is not uncommon.
In this paper, using my required reading, research and personal experience, I will draw upon deontological ethics and discuss a business ethics problem in which I have had a personal experience within my organization. The deontological implications of the ethical problem that I have described will be highlighted briefly. Finally, I will focus in on how Kant’s Categorical Imperative applies to my chosen business problem.
Ethical Problem
As a young Airman, I was always eager to get involved in the community and base events. One of my former supervisors introduced me to the base honor guard. The moment I walked into the training…

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