Ethics: Ethics And Ethics Of Ethics In Business

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Question 1: A.i. Organizations in the market are expected by the authorities and the public to behave ethically in the manner in which they undertake their activities. Acting responsibly and ethically means operating in a way that every stakeholder to the organization is content "Stakeholders are those individuals who are impacted by a company's operations. Based on the moral standards of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, and caring, companies would appear to be required to address their obligations to their stakeholders" (Schwartz, 2002, p.30). Therefore, this means being consistent in actions that individuals and the society think are typically good values. Actually, this could go beyond the normal obligations toward the stakeholders like wages and reduce prices. So, businesses are considered to observe ethical behavior when they demonstrate the essential moral values at their workstations that include fairness, equality, honesty, dignity, and…show more content…
Thus, many directors tend to focus much on activities that will benefit the business rather than those that will contribute to the welfare of the consumers. In this case, they tend to concentrate more on the organization’s interests as a way of ensuring that they are not demoted from their job positions because of little proceeds in the business (Trevino & Weaver, 2003, p.56). Customers will be supplied with low-quality goods that do not match the prices that they pay. A good example where managers fail to observe the interest of the consumers and focus on the benefit of the organization is where manager focuses on performance that is rated by the amount of profit that they can achieve after a given period. Starbucks Company has been criticized for their unethical conduct of managers focusing more on performance rather than customer

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