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Ethics have been taught to us by our elders, who learned their wisdom from their elders and so on throughout civilization. Lifestyles, social environments and BLANK have changed in one way or another to fit each generation. My generation has been fortunate enough to not have the same harsh racial oppression that Martin Luther King Jr. and so many others had to face. My ethical choices and decisions seem minor in comparison to the many stories and articles I’ve had the pleasure of reading this semester. Have you ever been given the opportunity to better yourself by hurting others around you? Did you ever have a chance to do something that didn’t have a direct consequence? You are given options in life; You decide whether you will do the right…show more content…
I’ve worked multiple retail stores as well as in a deli. I’ve worked cash registers, stocked merchandise, opened and closed departments and supervised other employees. While working in so many different positions, I had started to notice little things I could have gotten away with while at work. I also noticed things other employees were doing that were not to the same ethical standard I hold for myself. I have had more than one opportunity to take money from a cash register. I have also had many opportunities to take products I didn’t purchase. While working in the deli department of Safeway, I do my best to provide customers with food I would not mind serving to my own family and friends. I was put in a very uncomfortable position during my second week of work while in the deli department. I personally witnessed an employee, who has worked for Safeway over fifteen years, take fried chicken out of our cold case and fry it for a second time. I had only worked their two weeks but I knew that was unacceptable to serve to our customers. I had the choice to pretend like I never saw it or bring it to our store managers attention. I couldn’t ignore it, so I informed my co-worker of what I witnessed and I went to our store manager to address the unethical

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