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When you look at today’s corporate environment it can be intimidating to some and full of political agenda to others it’s a dog eat dog world in cooperate America. Businesses are built on standards, policy and procedures to guide the employee to be fair and conduct business with ethical standards. In today’s business and corporate environment there are ethical company standards which all associates must follow but businesses and their representatives are not moral agents. These are two (2) of the ethics business representative follows or implement in their companies: Deontology ethics which concerned with duties and rights. Rule Utilitarian ethic which focus on the beneficial consequences of breaking the law. An associate may want to conduct business ethically and for the most part they do but to close a business deal knowing that it may affect others negatively and generate revenue for the business the company will close that deal at any cost this is an example of Teleological and Utilitarianism ethics. In Teleological ethics, the end is the most important thing, and the ends justify the means. A manager will advise an employee do whatever it takes to close on an account no matter what the cost it doesn’t matter if moral or immoral. In Utilitarianism ethical theory morally correct course depends on the greater good an example is a manager will convince a sales person to sell as much product as he/she can to keep the other associates employed and the company from closing. I…

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