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INTRODUCTION What Is ‘Ethics’? Ethics is the concern that humans have always had for figuring out how best to live (Shannon Vallor, 2011). The philosopher Socrates is quoted as saying in 399 B.C., “the most important thing is not life, but the good life (Aristotle, 2011). It was defined generally as a system of moral principles, by which human actions are judged right or wrong. the rules of conduct recognized in respect of a society of human actions (Debridge, 2000). The study of ethics can be found in many various places in our daily life. This report focuses on Engineering Ethics and summarizes an incident where some Canons of Engineering Ethics were neglected which lead to a fatal accident. What Is Engineering Ethics? According to…show more content…
This fuel came in the form of liquid gas as it was determined earlier that more gas could be stored if it was liquefied. At No. 2 works (the gas plant yard), there were four tanks – three globular and one cylindrical which all held millions of gallons of liquid natural gas. These were all tanks located on the ground surface. (Digital, 2004) Stakeholders The stakeholders involved in this incident are the East Ohio Gas Company, the gas company in question; the affected Cleveland residents and the Pittsburgh-Des Moines Company, the tank designers. Causes Even though the real cause of the explosion was never ascertained, the stories vary. The last tank was designed to have a cylindrical shape believed to hold more natural gas, while the others were spherical. This was based on advice from Pittsburgh- Des Moines Company. (McElroy, 2012). Eventually, some people saw vapor leaking from one of the gas tanks in No.2 works. This escaped gas mixed with the oxygen in the surroundings and became combustible. A spark is believed to have ignited the gaseous mixture and caused the fatal explosion which eventually set off another explosion. Others believe that the shortage of materials due to the ongoing World War 2 might have led to different materials such as alloys used to construct the cylindrical tank. It was suggested that the quality of materials used for the construction

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