Ethics, Ethics And Human Interaction

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Introduction The question of morals, ethics and human interaction has fascinated our species in our entire history. The fact that most the myths and stories from ancient times and even the behavior of the Greek and Roman gods are all teaching ethical conduct, is an statement of the importance of this field. The word "ethics" is derived from the Greek word ethos (character), and from the Latin word mores (customs). Collectively, they combine to define how entities choose to interact with one another. In philosophy, ethics defines what is good for the individual and for society and establishes the nature of duties that people owe themselves and one another (Cornell University Law School, n.d.).
Ethics in Business What is business ethics? As stated by International Business Ethics Institute, Comprehending business ethics could be problematic in the sense that, this field’s vastness, frequently including a large number of doubts for example corporate governance, social responsibility, reputation management, unfair work policies just to name some among others. Furthermore, business ethics in general addresses the entire scope of accountabilities and obligations that a company has to every single of its stakeholders like clients, employees, shareholders, suppliers and the public. To simply define business ethics, it is a form of applied ethics where it inculcates a sense within a company’s employees on how to conduct business responsibly (Hurst, 2004). Business ethics appears
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