Ethics, Ethics And The Definition Of Research Ethics

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Q-1) What is ethic in research? Explain and give examples.
The Answer:
Research ethics is one of the most important parts in research, which has a good relation with human rights. It characterizes between two things, which are right and wrong. Ethical are important because it prevent the data invention and raise the truth, which are the main goal of research (Foster, 1991). The research ethics have some objectives, which are protecting human participants, making sure that the research is behave in a way and to check the research activities. Research ethics has a great history if we go back to the history of it. There are some reasons that make research ethics important which are raising the research aims, support the required rate of cooperative work, make research trust by the public and support social like some principle of harm to others (Hunter, 2007).

Q-2) Define the meaning of plagiarism. Give example in terms of writing a paper.
The Answer:
Plagiarism is one of the most important fields in research, which is act to copy the words or ideas of another writer and put it in your research. In the world, the plagiarism is use by some persons or students that does not have
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The researchers have some responsibility that covers freedom in research, relationship between supervisors with keep on professional development and some ethical principles. However, the accountability in research means some analysis of system to maximize the integrity in the research, which provides the forum for developing new procedures and policies to promote the validity of research (Woolf,
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