Ethics Exam

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CEE 440 Ethics Exam
Winter 2013

This exam is for you to do individually with no collaboration with fellow students. Hello, this is an ethics exam. The subject of the exam is engineering ethics and professional responsibility. The exam is based on material in the documents listed below.

DUE: March 8th at noon in the Dropbox at the course web site.

Resources Attached:

ASCE Code of Ethics

ASCE Ethics Guidelines

Case Studies

Exam Questions: All questions are of equal value: 10 points each. Keep your answers short; a correct answer surrounded by incorrect answers is incorrect. All work must be done electronically. Do not print the exam, write out the answers, scan it and then send it in. I don’t know why anyone would do
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It is strictly illegal under US law to use payoffs as a way of doing business. The owner is well aware of these laws and since he is a stand up kind of guy, never provides payoffs to anyone and has told you that.

The total contract is about $200,000,000. Your firm gets $20,000,000 for overall project management and coordination. A British design firm gets $50,000,000 for design and inspection. Australian contractor is doing the construction for $110,000,000. A local consultant to your firm gets $20,000,000 for something and nobody asks what that is. This consultant seems to have only one employee.

Everybody knows what’s going on here and the local consultant is using most of the money to bribe public officials so your firm can get the work. Your firm doesn’t bribe anybody. Well sort of…

To get work in many parts of the world many of the officials are expect bribes or “consulting” jobs for themselves or family members. The example we are talking about is a case where you would not get the work without a payoff by some means. Everybody does it.

Why Canons and Principles apply here?

A) Principles: 2, 3, 4
Canons: 3, 4, 5, 6

What should you do? (Given your history, you may be entering the fast food industry if you lose this job.)

A) If he has a problem with what is going on, he should approach his
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