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Ethics Assignment
1. Is whistle blowing violation of positive duty to the employer/organization? Under what conditions an employee can justify such violation? How exactly is the duty of loyalty owed to the employer/organization weighed against the duty to the public and larger society?

Whistle blowing may not always result in negative outcomes for the company/organization. It may also be done in order to identify the flaws present in the current organizational structure which allow people to misuse their position. And in such cases it comes out that the whistle blowing activity which was done was a positive duty to the organization. Especially for a public company whose shares are held by general public if the management is
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There are only few people benefiting from the wrong practices of the company and that is the present management because whenever it gets revealed in the public or the government cracks a whip on the company then it will lose its brand image and its products may be boycotted by people which will eventually be negative for the company in the long run. So it is in good of the company itself to take corrective measures once it has identified it.
He should not mix the two priorities. He can get some other job or occupation, etc. in a company which values honesty of an individual. But if any harm comes to any child then he won’t be able to clean a spot from his conscience. Instead he may be even be held responsible for not informing the public about it and colluding in the malpractices of the management and may get punishment which may anyway spoil his image and make him unemployable. The social status which he may lose in addition to it may even make simple living difficult for the whole family. So it is in society as well as his family’s benefit that he blows the whistle on the organisation.
3. To what extent codes of morality and favourable systemic external condition like whistle blower protection act, influence the individual’s decision and to what extent the individual’s internal motivation and character influence the individual’s decision?

Both the elements play an important role in the individual decision making
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