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Ethical Dilemma
Walter Thibodeaux
CJA 474
May 21, 2012
Evan Cohen

Ethical Dilemma
Individuals face many challenges when entering into new employment or profession. The new job’s culture is not quickly learned; therefore, one has to observe and take notes on his or her new job’s way of doing things and adapt. In this ethical dilemma, a police officer has just transferred to a new department. In his transition to the new department, the officer witnesses another officer violating the department’s ethical code of coduct. The officer witnesses another officer taking gifts from the community members and local businesses he services. As a new member to the department, the officer debates on what actions if any he should take in
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Accepting gifts from members of the community and local businesses for any reason is unethical. This type of behavior places dishonesty in the minds of citizens. A police department that is dishonest or fill with corruption makes trusting them impossible.
What is the liability issues involved with not reporting the officer? Witnessing unethical actions by a fellow officer requires disclosure to the proper authority. Liability issues involved with not reporting the officer entails the officer’s disregard for rules and regulations of his department. Officers including all criminal justice personnel are responsible for holding the code of ethics. “A single incident in law enforcement can have devastating effects throughout the country” (Martin, 2011, p. 13)
What supervisory issues does this situation present to management and leadership? As an effective leader, this incident would not be ignored. The investigation of incidents would be investigated thoroughly. Leaders and management heads are vital to the integrity of a department. Leaders significantly affect the prevention of corruption of a department (Martin, 2011). The issue of prudence is presented to management and leadership. They must be able to tell the difference between conflicting qualities and the best action to take. In addition, the issue of responsibility to do the right thing is important in this situation. An effective leader will

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