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Ethics Paper HCS/405 December 12, 2011 Professor Ethics Paper When we talk about financial planning we have to take step back, look at the whole picture, and understand how it begins. Financial Management is the key essential in an organization when you plan financially. Financial Management is the building blocks for all accounting records and business transactions that occur. We cannot forget that decisions are based on the organizations fiscal objectives others are based on general accounting principles. So to better understand you must ask the question of “Is the financial management of the organization strong and how is the financial reporting records validity”? When we think of financial management we have to start…show more content…
When grasping the corporation’s business affairs they must look at the code of ethics to be able to understand what the organizations principles are and what they need. One organization may not see that by making an offering of a few dollars on a piece of health care equipment or special supply a patient needs worth the ethics involved thou the lack of patient process. There are also organizations that may not look at it like that because they believe that they will have to pay for or buy the equipment for the patients. It is always good to know your organizations code of ethics so that you can uphold it and connect with to ensure the success of the organization. The health care industry is like the coal mining industry it’s loaded with many hazards, dangers and risks that stem from patients to financial to legal issues. Like any organization the health care field must adhere to state and federal guidelines. All employees must follow these guidelines to ensure no legal actions must follow these standards. By adhering to these guidelines the organization insures that the professional staff is licensed and facilities are up to code. Each organization must be in compliance with state and federal standards and all times. There are four financial management elements that all organizations must adhere to be in compliance.

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