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Human Resource Management
Ethical Dilemma: The Padding That Hurt
Ethics is basically the branch of the philosophy that deals with making a difference among right and wrong. In the business world the ethics have taken a essential place in this modern time and every successful corporation have a complete code of ethics that have to be followed by the management, workers and other stakeholders of the company. Ethical behavior in the workplace make it a perfect place for the people working there without any discrimination and this ethical behavior is the main cause of the successful running of the businesses in all parts of the world. In the workplace the ethics includes the integrity, team work, sense of responsibility,
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Question 1:
Idea of Facts:
There are various ethical and financial issues being discussed in the current scenario and these issues are elaborated as:
The top and major issue of the case under discussion is the monetary frauds from the very trusted worker of the corporation that is unethical at one end as the worker taking advantage of the trust of the company and the friendship of the CEO and on the other hand it results into huge financial losses to the company. The first issue is the frauds from the Mr. Murphy who make fool the company by taking extra funds of the company and for this purpose he used fake and duplicate receipts of the various travel expenses and in this way he take a lot of money of the company. Mr. Murphy is considered a valuable part of the company because of his many efforts for the company and he is taking benefit of this trust and making his own money through fraudulent means that harming the company.
Distinction and lack of equality is another issue identified in this case as the CEO at the initial stages even was not ready to listen anything against his valuable worker and do not give much value to the opinion of the Mr. Robert and Miss. Sue Davenport because of his friendship with the Mr. Murphy. This also point out to the lack of the professional attitude of the CEO of the company as he will have to treat all the workers on equal basis and should make distinctions among his professional

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