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Imagine a 15 year old student in philosophy class. After discussing why should you or shouldn't you judge other societies, and getting in depth with ethics, the teacher decides to tell a story to the class. She says"..there is a tribe in the Amazon(Brazil) were they show love and respect by cutting body parts.It would be a good sign if your father cuts a finger of a son...." she then asked the class ".... if you end up in the Amazon, would you stop a father cutting a sons finger because in your society is wrong? Can you imagine how disappointed would the family be if this happens?
Is that ethics?. Before getting into the
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Modern scholarship follows the ancients' lead in referring standardly to philosophers before Socrates collectively as 'Presocratics'"
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Ethics gives you more questions than answers. Can it be, that what i think is right, its actually the opposite in another part of the world?
The bottom line is that we are different.We have different cultures, we are raised with different values and that sometimes we forget we are not the only "culture" in the world.
Ethics at work, specifically applied to employees is one of the most important tasks of the human resources team of any company. Whether it's right or wrong, good or bad, it must be communicated, explained and done from the top of the management team all the way to the employees. Situations were ethics come into play are really common in any given day at work. Are we discriminating because of sex, race, and age? Can we lie to customers just to make business? The list can go on an on. Ethical situations exist and the way we manage them will have a huge impact on the results.
How can we determine the importance of an ethical situation when it appears? Decisions of yes or no are taken every minute at work

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