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Ethics Game Week 5 Performance measurements Performance measurements are used to characterize and define performance in a project. They are used to track and manage progress toward achieving specific project goals. Performance measurements help determine how decision-making processes of a project led to its success or failure, understanding these can help organizations make future improvements. It is a project manager's responsibility to measure performance based on the triple constraints of time, budget, and quality of a project. There are many performance measurements a project manager can use based on the type of project at hand, this paper compares and contrasts the following measurements - * Earned Value * Customer…show more content…
Second Scenario In the second scenario it is believed that a college is falsifying data in a research project to hide the true results. A medical journal is going to publish the results of the study. Publishing erroneous results can not only hurt the company’s reputation but can also lead people to use a drug that does not provide the expected results. The relationship lens and the reputation lens were used in the decision making process for this dilemma. By using these lenses to make the decision to investigate and halt the publishing of false results Jeana was able to save the company from lawsuits that could have put the company in financial jeopardy as well as expose the problem of false data. By investigating the allegation and informing the Doctor who was leading the study the situation was halted internally. Influences There were choices to be made that determine the outcome of each scenario. When making decisions I used the choice that best suited my own beliefs. I did not just use text books or tutorials. I used common sense, personal ethics and experience. When making decisions, knowing the full situation and who you are helping matters to the person responsible for the outcome of the situation. Knowing who might get hurt if the wrong decision is made is a motivator to make the right decision for everyone involved. If the person forced to make the

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