Ethics Game Simulation Paper

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Ethics Game Simulation
Krystal Beamon
February 28, 2010
Erica Baker

Ethics can be defined as the principles, norms, and standards of conduct governing an individual or group. Business ethics involves employees, managers, and other important members of the organization. In the ethics simulation one was responsible for making important decisions regarding the company G-BioSport. Before making these decisions one had to go through four different lenses and steps of the critical decision making process. These lenses included the Rights and Responsibility lens, the Results lens, the Relationship lens, and the Reputation lens. After thoroughly going through each lens, one was able to make decisions based on virtues, values, and
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The same stakeholders were involved in this issue. The decision made was to apply all U.S. safety standards to all sales. One believes we should not sell products even where there were lower safety standards or none. This was the best decision because once again it protected our customers, and possibly avoided chances of lawsuits. The company may take a slight loss of profit, but at the same time it keeps our reputation with foreign countries in high standing positions.
These decisions involved one using virtues, morals, and values. Working for a company you have obligations to them and sometimes you must disregard your morals, values, and virtue. Virtues (ethics) are the quality of doing something that is right or wrong or shared values and norms of the community. Morals are a person’s beliefs about what is right, wrong, or appropriate in life. Values are what one deems correct and desirable in their lives. In the ethics simulation one has to decide which of those concepts they would rather follow. Would they rather do something wrong and violate their morals, values, and virtues, or do they want to feel like they have been treated as they would want someone to treat them. Many of the employees that would have to make the decision would chose to protect themselves and the company whether they are right or wrong, but the decision one believed the best was the opposite. The decisions made in the simulation showed that one respects the rights

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