Ethics : How Other People Think, Make Decisions And View Moral Standards

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The study of ethics is learning how other people think, make decisions and view moral standards. Ethics also show the relationship between the past and the present and from one culture to another. The study observes if people follow the ethical standards that they say they do. Ethics are in everyday life; we make decisions based on what we believe to be right. We ask ourselves if a decision is right or wrong or does it just benefit us. We make choices at school, such as deciding if cheating on a test is right. When we get older we must make decisions in politics, such as are we going to be Democratic or Republican? We need to have a foundation of what we believe ethically so when a future issue comes up, we have the ability to decide if we believe it or not. Everyone’s ethics have to do with the way they were raised. Our ethics also determine how we respond to our surroundings; we can accept them, evaluate issues, find it admirable or shameful and control our emotional responses. While we study ethics, we need to ask ourselves what we believe and how we make choices. Studying ethics is instrumental in understanding why people act the way they do in the work place and in society. It helps to have an understanding of what people believe so we have the ability to determine if it is right or wrong and if we agree or disagree. It is also helpful to understand the culture and the people in every aspect, such as in the work place or at school. When we understand how…
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