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Group Ethics
Kana Crumby
Liberty University

This paper seeks to examine group and individual therapy models to determine which model is most successful based on empirical evidence and case studies that will be reviewed and discussed within this paper. All age ranges will be looked at when making the determination as to which model is superior and results in more successful and long-term solutions for the needs of the individual going through therapy. Further, this paper seeks to establish and understand the parameters of ethics as it relates to group therapy. A conclusion will be drawn based on the evidence reviewed. This research paper addresses the hot topic of ethics in groups. Based on the topic, it highlights
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I noticed that my verbal and non-verbal cues, as well as those of group participants who were not speaking seemed to encourage those who did not contribute as much to not...
Ethics in the modern world is met with ambiguity and a vague sense of understanding. One group may define as ³what my feelings tell me is right wrong´ while others may describe ethics as the ³standards of behavior our society accepts´ (Velasquezet al, 1987). These answers may be typical of many people in the world today. Ethics are not ubiquitous because they stem from the realm of moral grounds and morals are not globally accepted nor understood. Ethical standards are more prevalent in the United States than in other countries, due in part to government as well as non-government agencies that have been established to monitor and advise on issue related to ethics in business, education, etc.
Ethical codes exist to inform the professional behavior of counselors. The American Association of Christian Counselors has established a ³comprehensive, client-respecting, legally sensitive, behavior specific, and detailed code of ethics´ for use by all counseling professionals (2010). There is no shortage for a Christian counselor to be able to obtain the necessary guides and assistance needed to ensure that ethical guidelines are

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