Essay on Ethics In The Workplace

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Ethics in The Workplace

We as a society are faced with ethical dilemmas virtually every day. How we handle these situations shapes our culture. But what are ethics? According to the Miniature Guide to Ethical Reasoning, ethical reasoning entails doing what is right even in the face of powerful selfish desires. To live an ethical life is to develop control of our own egocentric tendencies. It is not enough to be able to do the right thing when we ourselves have nothing to lose. We must be willing to fulfill our ethical obligations at the expense of our self-centered desires and vested interests. (Dr. Richard Paul & Dr. Linda Elder, 2003) In short, ethics is doing what is right even when no one is looking. A society with a strong
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When this behavior is witnessed repeatedly over time, it lowers morale. A workplace that encourages effective ethical administration, however, is a workplace that breeds strong morale. Patricia Harned, ERC president, states "Creating a strong ethical environment should be a top priority of all companies." (Verschoor, 2000, pp. 19-20) According to "Workplace Ethics" a company with strong ethical guidelines has a few commonalities. These companies encourage communication; the staff feels open and unthreatened about reporting and discussing ethical concerns. They also clarify rewards and punishments, which provides a meaningful context to what otherwise seems arbitrary. These businesses encourage and create trust between management and employees as well; this is much less expensive and more effective than legally defining and enforcing all rules. These organizations also build corporate values, which improves the corporate image. (Compilation, 1999) This creates an environment that employees find a joy to work in. Also, from a corporate perspective it is just as significant to note that an ethical company tends to be a profitable company. Can a company have ethical practices, and still show a profit? Yes, according to Business Ethics magazine. By concentrating on the effects of business decisions made and how they enhance or diminish the well being of others, benefits can be seen for the company, the employee, the stockholder, and the consumer. Many of the

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