Ethics In The Workplace Essay

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Ethics in the Workplace
"Ethics are personal and, at the same time, a very public display of your attitudes and beliefs. It is because of ethical beliefs that we humans may act differently in different in situations" (University of Phoenix, 2007). Poor ethical choices in the workplace can truly hurt people. Poor ethics can damage their career, happiness, and quality of living. Not only can these actions hurt the individual who has made the bad choices, but also most often it hurts the innocent. This essay will provide two actual case studies; one of positive ethical principles and the other of poor ethical principles.
Ethics are the driving force behind good business. Every ethical choice made by a professional can and will have a much
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I enjoyed spending the past 700 days of uninterrupted joy with my daughter. Being a house wife did not work out. I missed the hustle and bustle of the nine to five. After six long years of employment the company I worked for went out of business and closed the doors permanently. I received a generous severance package, and that is why I was able to not work for so long, but that was only supposed to last a year. I spent the next year looking for a job. Just when all hope was lost the perfect opportunity came. It was an afternoon shift job; perfect, I could spend the days with my daughter and work at night. How could I be so lucky? I accepted the position and a week later Wayne joined the team. Wayne was around the same age and his home life was about the same as well, so I thought to myself wonderful, we have things in common we will get along fine, and through the learning process we did. Time past and he and I began our night shift positions, he worked on his project and I on mine. Because we were new, questions still accrued. What I did not know was that although we helped each other out, management received a different story. Wayne would send secret e-mails to management, saying that he was basically the best thing since slice bread; he was a one man show, I even suspected him of sabotaging my work; I was a paranoid mess. This went on for months before I knew what was going on, and the only way I found out was that one of the Supervisors

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