Ethics In The Workplace Essay

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Ethics in the work place

In the workplace ethics increases the chance for more positive results. Honesty is a trait that is learned and when mastered, could help benefit an individual or company. Without ethics chances are constantly taken, leaving unknown results. These results could leave a company with outstanding profit gains or bankruptcy. The reason ethics is important in the workplace is because it will allow every worker who contributes to the production of the company receive proper recognition and reward, if any, based on that workers contribution. Here is Debbie Jones’ story.

Years ago, I sought out freelance assignments to try to help make ends meet. I initially found a position as a Webmaster for an online Children’s
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One of the Flash Animators was related to one of the owners, and the other was his long time friend. My pay was off and on due to claims that they had no funds to pay me with. However, this was not indicated before the work request was placed and when I pressed, I was instead given stock, which at six years later, is still not being traded. The question of ethics comes in to play most strongly when it is made known that one of the sponsors took plushies, and books (as prizes), to a very large convention to show off one of their newest web application. The website that I had created was displayed, and users invited to interact. The company in question has a yearly revenue equal to or more than Microsoft. While it is true the books and the plushies were printed out of the pocket of the owner, it was these key components that helped seal the deal and catch the attention of even more powerful companies. By the end of three years, there were four major companies ‘donating’ to this company on a yearly basis, but only financially affecting the owners, the Flash Animators and at a percentage, the Webmaster (me). At the time I quit, the Illustrators/Writers were still not making money on their work, since few had actually sold. I quit on the principle that the electronic story books were what brought in visitors to the website, and they should be entitled to a percentage of the profit. Eventually, they lost a few key Illustrators/Writers

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