Ethics Is A Theory Of Proper Moral Conduct

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Shaudee Houshmand
Professor Basil
13 December 2015
Final Paper
Ethics derives from the Greek word ethos which means character. Essentially ethics is a theory of proper moral conduct. Essentially, in ethics one is trying to make a distinction between what is the case between what ought to be the case. A key player in ethics is the moral agent. A moral agent is a person that has an ability to reflect on moral issues. Moral actions conform to the law and immoral actions do not conform to the law.
Ethical relativist deny any objective moral values. Cultural relativism explains that in different times and in different places people act in different ways; they acquire different values and ideas of what is morally right and wrong. Moral relativism explains that there are no moral absolutes; everyone can do what they please and how they want whenever they like.
James Rachels believes in cultural relativism.There are many different arguments first, “Different cultures have different moral codes, therefore there is no objective truth in morality, right and wrong are only matters of opinion and opinions vary from culture to culture”(Rachels). This means that right and wrong are opinions and those opinions vary from cultures. This argument is not valid for cultural relativism. Just because different cultures have different moral codes, it does not follow that there is no objective truth for morality. Some of Rachels 's arguments for moral relativism are: if
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