Ethics Is Not Moral Or Immoral

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Ethics is not relative to the culture that we live in. Ethics is not based on one countries’ morals. If one country believes something is not morally right, but in other countries it is. This does not mean it is based on the culture to make it moral or immoral. Ethics is not based on one specific society, but ideas. Ethics is about discussions and how theories can be put into effect. If the United States disapproves of cannibalism while another country is completely okay with it. This gives us no point for choosing between the two. When we say cannibalism is wrong we are saying the United States disapproves (Singer 6). Singer is saying that ethics doesn’t change by location. People cannot say that just because one location practices cannibalism that it makes it moral for that location. If it is immoral for one place it is immoral universally. Humans become relativists when they have no argument or disagreement, only have interests of preferences that have been stated. Relativists bring no arguments and cannot be wrong because they have only stated their opinions. No argument will happen if there is no disagreement that sparks a discussion (Singer 5-7).
Ethics is also not a matter of subjective taste or opinion. Ethics is not based on a bias. It is meant for the general audience so it must be applicable to everyone. This also means it 's not based on a sole idea that is most commonly shared, like religion. Ethics does not choose sides, but is about the discussion of ideas. If…
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