Ethics Is The Art And Discipline Of Discerning The Right, The Good, And The Fitting Action Essay

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According to Professor Miller, “ethics is the art and discipline of discerning the right, the good, and the fitting action to take, and having the creativity and courage to do it” (cite). Ethical decision making begins with defining ethics. Ethics, however, goes further than a mere definition, but must be grounded in sources that will provide the proper knowledge to carry out the right, the good, and the fitting actions. By defining ethics, and the sources that make up that definition, a framework can be defined and followed in order to stay ethically fresh and make ethically-sound decisions. Discerning the right choice can be described, in its simplest form, as following the rules, however, there is no one set of rules—rather these rules can be composed of various sources such as religious texts, legal codes, and philosophy—and it is important to consider multiple sources to effectively determine what is right. These many sources offer various perspectives on what is right such as the Bible’s Ten Commandments and Kant’s rule of universality (199). Using multiple sources for this lens can help one see the nuances of ethical dilemmas and offer a clearer perspective on what is right. Maintaining one source of rules as the highest set of ethical norms can result in unethical decision. For example, “the law is not the sole repository of a society’s moral standards and values, even when the law is directly concerned with moral problems” (Beauchamp and Bowie 4). Turning only to
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