Ethics Is The Study Of Practical Reasoning

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Ethics is the study of practical reasoning. What could be considered ethical by one person’s perspective can be quite different from another’s perspective. Healthcare providers and healthcare team should always think ethically when delivering care. Providing ethical healthcare means care is provided which is good, rational, and overall effectively increases health and wellbeing. Being ethical in healthcare is extremely important since our patients and their families are counting on us to be responsible in the decisions we make which effect their loved ones and them. As healthcare providers or members of the healthcare team we are faced with ethical dilemmas at increasing rates and with new technology and research in medicine evolving it is enabling the terminally ill to survive many serious illnesses. Many questions can arise from the ethical point of view including should or shouldn’t I. In this case we focus on the question; At what age should a child be able to make decisions to forego life-sustaining treatment ?

Ashley is a thirteen year old African American female who was admitted to Greater Children’s and Women’s Hospital due to complaints of stomach ache, fever, and constipation. Ashley’s mother also advised nurse at time of admittance that she has been inactive for the last three days, which is unusual since Ashley is usually very active and the life of the party. Before being admitted Ashley had also lost her appetite which is very unusual advised her
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