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Wk 1 Assignment: Journal Entry

July 8, 1809

It is hot here in Louisiana. I do not want to be here. I do not want to be on this big piece of land, the white man who bought me calls a plantation. I am only 12 years old and my name is Leena. I am from a small village in Nigeria. My older brother and I were sold to this man who brought us on a boat here. He bought us from another tribe who had raided our village and kidnapped us. The man on the boat was mean and cruel. We did not eat but once a day for the whole trip. It was very meager food, a piece of bread and stale water. It seemed like an eternity, being tossed back and forth. There was no way for us to brace ourselves from being tossed violently because we were chained
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Ruthie also told me not to talk or stop. She said if I did, that I would get beat. She said when I was done filling my basket; I had to drag it to the end of the line. This is where the other black men would come and get it. They hauled each basket on their shoulders and carried it off somewhere. I did not know where, and I was too afraid to ask. I picked and picked and picked. I filled my basket, then another and another. I picked until my fingers bled. Ruthie told me to keep picking. I picked until the sun went down. I only stopped once to eat a small meal. Ruthie brought me some buttered bread and a bowl of rice. There was water for us to drink at the end of rows, but I was too afraid to get any. That night, on the way back to the shack, Ruthie told me we had to do it again tomorrow. I told her I was tired and sore. I could not do it again tomorrow. She said that I’d better get used to this because this was my life now.

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