Ethics Leadership Comparison Matrix Paper

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Comparison Matrix Paper Ethics Leadership Jennifer M. Howard Grand Canyon University: LDR 800 February 22, 2012 INTRODUCTION This paper compares three empirical articles about ethical leadership practices that relate to the use of ethical power, authority, persuasion, and/or motivation. Article one was entitled “The relationship between ethical leadership and core job characteristics” and written by Ronald F. Piccolo, Rebecca Greenbaum, Deanne N. Den Hartog, and Robert Folger (2010). The second article was entitled “Impact of Ethical Leadership and Leader-Member Exchange on Whistle Blowing:…show more content…
Article one participants were 174 junior and senior level undergraduate students and 107 masters of business education students from a large southeastern university in the United States. Article two consisted on 81 students from different postgraduate programs of a top engineering institute in India. Article three consisted of 191 working adults with a large university. Results of study The results of the articles were different. Article one result showed that ethical leadership had a positive effect on follower effort and was mediated by task significance. The results also showed the relationship between subordinates’ job performance and ethical leadership was mediated by effort and task significance. The results of article two showed that whistle blowing is impacted strongly by ethical leadership behavior. Results showed that moral intensity of issues was moderated by the relationship between leader-member exchange (LMX) and ethical leadership as related to whistle blowing. Article three results found that deviance was negatively related to ethical leadership while follower organizational behaviors (OCB) were positively related to ethical leadership and were moderated by follower self-esteem. The results also found that ethical leadership should be used as a method to enhance citizenship and promote follower citizenship behaviors. The result also showed that the relationship between OCB, deviant
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