Ethics, Midwifery And Social Work

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Conflict arises in many different aspects of one’s life, especially when working with your coworkers to people outside of your field of work. Throughout the semester as group members, we came from all sorts of different backgrounds, within our field of study. We had criminology, politics and governance, midwifery and social work students, all combined into a group that had to focuses on creating a conflict and coming out with a resolution at the end of the set battle. By coming from several fields of study which this made us interdisciplinary “thinkers bring expertise from their primary discipline and work with experts from other disciplines to tackle complex problems.” (Nandan & London, 2013, p. 816). Throughout the nine weeks, our group discussed many scenarios that we could come up with and present to the class, fortunate enough our group did not have any trouble staying in contact with each other. We discussed most of the time through “WhatsApp” and Google Docs and met a few times before class to see where we all stood on the topics we were learning about in class. In the group, we had two social work students with somewhat the same views about mostly everything. We all were on board with whatever topic we came up with at the time, but it was clear we all had different morals some opinions about several things that were brought to the issue. Coming from a social work background, we review many different types of oppression, and the kinds of privilege people do carry
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