Ethics Module 5 Essay

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Tanya Adams
Business ethics Written Assignment-M5

Assigned questions:
The original assignment in this module dealt primarily with employers trying to find wrongdoing by employees. We now turn to the question of employee rights and employer obligations. Using at least two (2) of the foundational ethical theories studied in Module 2, you should answer the following questions. With each answer, you should discuss the issues and set forth and defend a clear position.

--Federal law requires that employers pay a minimum wage and pay overtime, although some believe that the concept of a living wage is the more ethical standard. Explain and defend your position on whether you agree or disagree. * I agree
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An organization may want to ignore having a union and an employee might want to deal with an organization individually. In utilitarianism they would rather favor for all workers to receive equal rights and equal pay as long as it follows the moral code. * --Is it ethical for an employer to require as a condition of employment or use as a consideration for advancement promotion, that an employee participate in organizations apart from the business (ie. community non-profit organizations)? Does the type or nature of the organization make a difference? * I don’t think its ethically a requirement for an employer to have their employee participate in organizations in order to advance for a promotion. Most employees want to take liberty on their own to do things like that without having to be forced to do something. I think if an employer wants to make a decision on advance promotion it should be about the employee work ethics and hard work that leads to it. It should be an option for an employer to go to different organization to represent the company. In utilitarianism standards an organizational policy is considered good if it promotes happiness to the workers more than any other alternative. ( shaw and Barry pg.61)
--Finally, some opine that employee pay should be tied in part to the compensation of the owner/chief operating or executive officer of the business, with the lowest paid employee being paid no less than a certain

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