Ethics, Moral, And Moral Theory

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1) What is the aim of moral (ethical) theory that you learned from the reading? Elaborate on this by explaining how you think that having a clearer understanding of ethics can affect your life. The purpose and aim for moral theory has to do with the desire to have some method to follow when we reason about what is morally right and wrong. In other words, the main aim of moral theory is to discover a decision procedure that can be used to guide correct moral reasoning about matters of moral concern (3 Timmons). It is similar in the way that Descartes was trying to find a way and strong structure for knowledge. Instead of knowledge, the aim for ethics and moral theory is to figure out what is morally right and just so then we can gain a better understanding for the world around us. Ethics keeps people and our Earth morally grounded. If we have no expectations, we would not be where we are today in the world with all advances, and friendships. We need to think about a way to come to the procedure in knowing what is right or wrong. 2) What are basic deontic categories? Explain and give your own example of each. Basic deontic categories are used to evaluate our moral actions based on their rightness or wrongness. “Deontic” comes from the Greek word deon, which is duty. Our duties as a human being is understand our boundaries and evaluate our actions. There are three examples of basic deontic categories. They are obligatory, wrong and optional actions. Obligatory actions are

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