Ethics : Moral Values That Can Dictate An Individual Perspective

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Final Exam Ethics are moral values that can dictate an individual perspective on what is considered to be wrong or to be right in their existence. It can also determine the standard of the individual, who think what is right or wrong, such as the golden rule states that “respect others, how they respect you.” In this essay, I shall explain the argument of Mill’s “greatest happiness principle” what is right, then I shall criticize the agreement on what is rights or wrong. I disagree with Mill’s Greatest Happiness principle, since it incorrectly answered the question “What is right?” Rights are the actions in proportion to the amount of happiness they produce and wrongs are the actions in proportion to the amount of unhappiness they produce? Furthermore. Happiness can be described as the pleasure and the privation of pain. In addition, Mill’s greatest happiness principle had derived from the conception of utilitarianism, which is to “bring back the personal needs, wants, and interest into moral considerations” (Solomon 514). Utilitarianism objective “was to make most people as happy as possible, sometime sacrificing a short term pleasure for a longer enduring ones” (Solomon 514). There are two definition of right based on Mill’s principle, which I learned in Philosophy the first is from professor Van Patten and the second is from John Stuart Mill principle of greatest happiness. The correct one is from Professor Van Patten that defines right as an action that maximizes
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