Ethics : Morality And Ethics

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Question 1:
Morality and Ethics:
Shirley while was friendly and nice to the employees ultimately did not do them any good, by creating an environment where the employees the restaurants ‘resources’ were not used properly thus causing production deviance.
As soon as Kevin became the new manager, he put the employees on probation, in doing this, he creates a hostile environment violating the Principal of the religious injunction. He creates an environment that is not kind and does not promote a unity of a single goal. His method of ‘motivation’, by treating his employees with their jobs leads to production and workplace deviance. When we look at the ethical intensity we can see that social consensus of Kevin’s behavior does not match what David describes and what the employees want. When Kevin causes stress uneasiness he increases the probability effect of employees feeling negative about their work. This of course also leads to the temporal immediacy as this stress right on a busy night can lead to customers not getting the best service. Not to mention that many of the other employees are already thinking about quitting. On the busy night when Kevin decides to lock himself up in his office, he not only fails to monitor the work of the employees, but also the hectic environment. In doing so, he again violates the principle of long-term interest. Kevin knows this night is a big night and his lack of concern causes many unhappy customers who might go as far as going online and

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