Ethics, Morals, Law And Position Of Leader

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Ethics, morals, law and position of leader
Ethic is a set of principles and philosophy that governs the thought process pertaining to conducts of people in diversified field. It could be science, civic society, law & order, politics, diplomacy or any personal matter between two individuals. Moral is more to do with differentiating right from wrong, setting standard for oneself for best behavior and learning from the past experience and applying them in present to achieve sense of self belief and respect in any chosen field. Law is a set of rules written, implemented, executed and upheld by social institutions to govern the behavior of individuals and institutions.
It is an essential prerequisite that companies have good leadership and
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A leader whose prime responsibility is to instill confidence and motivate the followers and at the same time inspire the belief system and thought process gained over a period of time to the followers. A leader must take action in congruence with ethics, morals and law governing his/her action, for the conduct of followers is reflection of what a leader guides.
Personal, organizational, national and global influences
A leader can grow and lead a mass of population if he/she has enough learning experiences attained nationally and internationally. Interacting with societal culture from different geographies, meeting other influencing figures in world of politics, science, defense etc. and exchanging ideas gives global exposure to a leader and opens new horizons. It is also very important get right knowledge for the well-being of society. There have been instances in past where negative influence has created disharmony and chaos. Countries where ancient civilization thrived on principles of universal peace, with the opening up of trade route and commercial transaction during start of millennium saw change in the attitude of people.
Effect of global influence on how one operates in another country
It is imperative that before entering another county one should be aware about culture, education, financial standing, values and religious belief. This will help us to shape the strategy on how to operate in alien
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