Ethics: Morals, Values, And Ethics

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CHAPTER 3 Human Values: Morals, Values and Ethics – Integrity – Work Ethic – Service Learning – Civic Virtue – Respect for Others – Living Peacefully – caring – Sharing – Honesty – Courage – Valuing Time – Co-operation – Commitment – Empathy – Self-Confidence – Character – Spirituality Introduction Humans have the unique ability to describe their identity, select their values and set up their beliefs. All three of these directly persuade a person’s behavior. Values are our principles and guides. Morals and the values are the basis of human values. Just as a building has a foundation of concrete, the building of human values rests on morals and values. Human values can also be defined as the values of life. A good action performed today remains…show more content…
Security during job and upon retirement: This concept is being accepted only in government jobs, public limited companies, and corporate organizations. The western thought has influenced the Indian private industries and multinationals in a paradigm shift from ‘lifelong employment’ to policies such as ‘merit only’, ‘hire and fire’, ‘pay and use’ etc. This situation has no doubt created tension in the Indian scene. 6. Recognition to non-work activities, such as leisure, paid holiday on the day of visit of a dignitary, social service, and other developmental activities. The workers in prosperous countries are less willing to consider ‘work’ as their prime interest in life. They claim that such service activities give them peace of mind and happiness. However, such a trend is likely to decline the work ethics. 7. Hard work and productivity are very essential for the success of an industry. The quality of work life deserves to be improved. Hard labor, undignified jobs (human-drawn rikshaw, people carrying night soil), and hazardous jobs are to be made less straining, dignified, and safer. Automation and CNC systems to a large extent have been successful in lessening the human burden. Still, many a hard work can not be replaced by ‘virtual work’, in the near
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