Ethics, No Secrets Policy and Counselor Values

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Bullet Point Responses Julie Sanders * I believe it is unethical for the counselor to reveal anything said in individual counseling with the husband. She didn’t address a “no secrets” policy in the informed consent. Sharing this information with the wife without his permission is unethical. In marriage counseling the “no secrets” policy needs to be addressed and explained in the informed consent. Since she did not have a policy concerning this, she is bound by confidentiality which should have been in her informed consent. * It is not the job of the counselor to instill his/her values onto a client. The counselor shold try to remain as neutral as possible. Even if the husband feels the extra-marital relationship is enhancing…show more content…
It is not the counselor’s job, nor is it ethical for the counselor to inform the wife of the affair. * I don’t believe it is in the best interest of the original client (the husband) for the counselor to offer marriage counseling to the couple. The scenario does not address the training of the counselor in this field. If I were the counselor, I would continue to see the husband, dealing with his issues and refer the couple to a marriage counselor. Assignment Questions Julie Sanders ii) I want you to read over the informed consent and make sure you both understand the guidelines we will be operating from. There are several important sections that I would like you both to understand before signing the form. I’ll be happy to discuss and answer any questions regarding these areas. In the beginning of the consent for is a section I would like to bring your attention the purpose of therapy, procedures, the possibility of a negative outcome, possible benefits, fee structures, your rights and responsibilities and also either one of you can withdraw at any time (Corey, p. 474). I have a “no secrets” policy. Since you are here for couple’s counseling I feel you need to be open and honest with each other. If one of you shares a “secret” with me individually that I might feel necessary to share, I will decide if it needs to be shared with your spouse. iii) I will not share my values with you
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