Ethics Of A Code Of Conduct

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It has been brought to my attention that during the merger between UWEAR and PALEDEMIN that neither company has been working with a code of conduct. As we all know the Code of Conduct reflects upon the ethical culture of an organization, which is taken from the company mission statement. This meeting is in part to address this concern and to deliver the importance of having a Code of Conduct in place, which will be beneficial for both UWEAR and PALEDEMIN. This is not to imply that unethical conduct has been taking place in either company, by having code of conduct in place will help to ensure professional behavior will take place at all time during and throughout this transition phase. This meeting is to help facilitate both UWEAR and PALEDEMIN in crafting, publishing and executing a code of conduct based upon the cultural ethic of both company combined. The purpose for a code of conduct is to help the organization to establish the assurance within a company, it will also touch upon the cultural ethics of the company while maintaining the legal and ethical policies and system for the decision making process. Not to exclude the core values and principle of the company, this will be established by a committee, here they will analysis the codes of conduct and bring them back yearly. The core purpose of the code of conduct lays out what the ethical behavior and legal concerns are for an organization. It is used to gage how…

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