Ethics Of Business Sex Differences At The Management Level Essay

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Going by the alpha view, of ethics in business sex differences at the management level will carry over to ethical issues. There are various studies that support this particular view. Evidence has it that women and women differ on about four accounts regarding ethics. These accounts include moral development, ethical behavior, and sensitivity to ethical and ethical value system. This paper looks at the differences between men and women when it comes to ethical matters within the working environment.
Moral development
From the perspective of moral development, women and men posses fundamentally dissimilar moral orientations that come into play even within the working environment. Justice describes a male perception of morality and holds onto the idea that the members of the fair sex often operate from a caring framework as a basic moral orientation. Furthermore, studies hold that ethical reasoning may be dissimilar between men and women in other ways. For instance, women and men differed in the justifications used in canvassing such behavior that is unethical (Galbraith & Stephenson, 1993). Moreover, both sexes make use of different decision making rules while making ethical judgments. In the same measure, women often showcase more diversity of decision making rules compared to men. Also connected to this is that both sexes apply distinct ethical frameworks into their evaluations of different situations involving organizational ethics. It is on record that women
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