Ethics Of Caring And Virtue

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Ethics of Caring and Virtue
Ethics of virtue is the belief that if a person wants to be considered good, they do good things (Pollock, 1988). In ethics of virtue, happiness is always the outcome of a situation. The main premise of virtue theory lies upon three main principles; virtues, practical wisdom and eudemonia. A virtue is a mean state which lays between two vices. A virtue is a characteristic a virtuous person possesses, for example courage. Courage is a virtue which lays between 'cowardice ' and ‘foolhardiness’. Virtue can vary in meaning for each individual depending on their background and history.
Aristotle states that all humans have a one end goal which is called eudaimonia (Greek for happiness), and that happiness
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Therefore, only those with good character can be truly happy. Just so that we can live virtuously, we must avoid extremes and maintain a balance, which Aristotle terms as the “golden mean” (Pollock, 1988). The “golden mean” is the balance between the extremes, and we must use rational thinking and reasoning in a balanced fashion.
Repeated actions lead to a condition, which makes an action distinct from a condition, therefore meaning one virtuous act does not make a person virtuous. Acts of virtue must become a habit, so that virtuous acts become second-nature. These repeated virtuous acts lead to the condition of virtue, and the condition of virtue equals good character, and vice versa. This creates an assumption of a link between being able to see who we are and what we do, between being and doing.
Ethic of Care is a theory of how we care for each other and all of the people around us. It makes us realize how much we value the human relationship. Ethic of Care theory allows us to see the moral value that is placed upon our communities, as well as, persons and asserts that one action can possibly take place in the context relationship. However, the Ethic of Care does not support a dependency relationship between people. The Ethic of Care is about maintaining a relationship that is very mutual.
We should always try to constantly maintain a relationship that offers both mutual opportunity and benefits, as well as, consider the implications of
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