Ethics Of Computing And The Internet

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Ethics in Computing and the Internet Jorge Zacarias Written Assignment Unit 7 University of the People Inside the topic of health care system ethic is implicit the pregnancy dilemma. This wide topic can include hundreds of pages; herein we are going to cover principal’s data of this essential topic in today’s lives. Pregnancy includes a debate for more than 4 decades and some topics that affect not only mothers even child, there are many dilemmas surrounding this controversial topic, where some argue one specific thing and much other argue another things. The first debate comes around the medication; they divide pregnant into different groups “Pregnancy and childbirth have become increasingly medicalized in most parts of the world since the early twentieth century. That is, they are increasingly processes that—in fact and as a social ideal—are managed and overseen by medical professionals, typically involve a high degree of technological medical intervention and contact with clinics and hospitals, and are assessed by medical experts who are the authorities on their progress. Amy Mullin explains that medicalized pregnancy “involves interpreting pregnancy itself as a disruption to health that necessarily requires expert medical intervention, and thinking of pregnancy as primarily about health and illness” (Mullin 2005, 54). The concept of medicalization is helpful in making clear how this sort of insertion into a medical context is not (or
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