Ethics Of Fair Play And Ethics In Soccer

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Fair Play and Ethics in Soccer Soccer is the biggest sport in the world, boasting a fan base of over four billion people worldwide. It is without a doubt a very loved sport, but that doesn't mean that the sport holds a perfect record of being clean and not being disliked. “ Fernando Torres goes down inside the box in the 89th minute, but the question is whether the ref has given a penalty”(Martin Tyler-Chelsea vs Liverpool). Flopping is one of the biggest debates on this concept, because if not identified it goes against fair play rules and moral standards. In the case above a penalty was awarded in the ending minutes of a match to declare one team the winner over the opposing side. This would not have been a problem if an actual foul was committed in the box, but when looking back at the footage you can see that the player obviously flopped upon contact and no call should have been given at that time. FIFA, the leading soccer association, stands highly to support the enforcement of fair play and ethics in soccer, but there is only so much they can do and so much that has been done. Due to this dilemma, soccer as a sport receives a lot of heat on this and has been trying to cut down on unruly incidents that go against ethics and fair play. Flopping isn't the only thing that goes against fair play and ethics, there is a multitude of ethical and moral rules being broken. The ethics of soccer is a complicated topic to approach. First of all, soccer is a worldwide sport, so
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