Ethics Of Human Resources : Ethics

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Ethics In Human Resources

Logan Fjelstad

March 13, 2015

Ethics In Human Resources

Ethics in the workplace are an important part of any business owner or business managers job. The human resources department or HR deal with a vast array of different ethical challenges. HR departments deal directly with everyone employed by a company. HR can include many ethical pitfalls that can lead to a bad reputation or damage a companies financial sustainability if the situation is not handled properly. That is why understanding how important ethics in an HR department can be crucial for any business owner whether it big or small (Ethics). When companies do have a breach of ethics in their HR department it can lead these companies into a big legal mess within both the civil and criminal areas. There are some companies that have good ethics programs in place and by doing this can help avoid legal trouble when it comes to any discrimination and any hostile work environment issues they may be having. When it comes to the civil area of ethics violations in HR I sat down and spoke with my father who is a civil rights attorney in Gresham that mainly deals with business law, his name is Eric Fjelstad. Below is the transcript from our interview;
The first question was what is the top ethical violation you see a client bring to your attention?
Assuming that legal violations are “ethical violations,” the most common violations relate to employees who are perceived to
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