Ethics Of The Code Of Silence

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TO: Mayor Russ Pomrenke
City of Justice, Georgia

FROM: Chief Josh Erwin #1553 Justice Police Department

DATE: March 19, 2016

RE: Ethical Update Plan of Action

Dear Mayor Russ Pomrenke this memorandum was written to address a growing issue which has manifested itself within the Justice Police Department. The issue I am referring to is known as the “Code of Silence” and it has the potential to be the demise of the entire Justice Police Department. The “Code of Silence” refers to a phenomenon which occurs not only in our police department, but in all police departments. The “code of silence” is the loyalty between officers which prevents the officers from revealing any misconduct from other officers. A police department is an actual brotherhood where the officers truly feel as if their coworkers are family. A police department is unlike any other job and once one makes it through the training and onto the road, they are generally protected from any wrong doings which may occur because the investigating officers will not pursue any charges against another officer. Even if an officer is committing a crime, it is very difficult for another officer to act against them because it is just understood that officers are supposed to uphold the laws and act accordingly to rules and regulations because of the oath they swore do when they accepted the position. This ongoing “code of silence” will not ever be stopped, but it is possible to control…

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