Ethics Of The Financial World

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Ashanti Bennett
Evonne Whaley
27 September 2014
Ethics in the Financial World
My form of business includes finances, mainly accounting and auditing. As I progress towards my accounting degree, I found out that there are many issues that I have to deal with in regards to the business itself. Eventually, finances also have to go through ethical issues. The ethics of financial business is determined mostly by the numbers, but it also recognizes the business environment, as well. As I realized, there are many ethical issues affiliated with finances; some financial results are the ethical dilemmas. Some examples of these issues are marketing strategies, conduct in the workplace, and financial behaviors. In my future profession, I will be concerned with the ethical decisions that I have to make, and where the line draws between ethics and law.
Finances have long been a part of ethical dilemmas, since the creation of the stock market. Common ethical issues involving finances are also considered legal issues at most, such as fraud, misuse of company resources, and dishonesty. However, according to textbook M: Business, Fourth Edition, a more common issue in finances involves conflict of interest, because there is usually nobody to watch over ratings. In fact, the book states that “many cited rampant conflicts of interest between financial firms and the companies that rate them as part of the reason no one recognized the impending financial disaster” (29). Conflicts of
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