Ethics Of The Medical Waste Management

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An employee found her employer a nothing illegal matter but very contravening the spirit of the agreement between its own employer and client. Chantale is this brave lady which questioned Cleanco Waste Management, her employer, which in charge of disposing of medical waste from a local hospital. The documents shows that Cleanco had been disposing of some of this medical waste in a local municipal landfill. After Chantale gathers together the documents and present Angela van Wilgenburg, the Operations Manager of this company, Chantale get the answer “This isn 't your concern". Considering her situation, Chantale need keep her job and still has faith in management, so brings this matter to us. Ethical behave and cost controlling are always the issue question our mind. Initially the hospital seeks to be a good corporate citizen and therefore chose Cleanco for the contract as Cleanco has a reputation for disposing of waste in an environmentally responsible manner. As the Medical Waste Management, Cleanco choose a local municipal landfill instead of professional disposing, the target is only to save money and cut cost. But ignoring the threat to public health. The Operation Manager Angela believed “there’s no real danger to anyone from the tiny amount of medical waste that 'slips ' into the municipal dump. I consider this matter closed." Chantale have no idea about the further moves. This action so far is jeopardizing her position and base on the faith on management and
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