Ethics Officer Essay

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Ethics Officer However, eliminating unethical behavior does not just stop in the education. Corporations must be governed throughout all their business transactions. The proposal is that all corporations that are publically traded and have shareholders must employ an ethics officer. The ethics officer will be immune from firings that are unjustified. They will not be part of an employment at-will doctrine (Cross & Miller, 2012). It is proposed that the ethics officer also be part of the corporation’s board of directors, and they have the ability to trump all decisions that are unethical. The ethics officer will not be paid by the corporation but part of their salary will come from the shareholders investments. Not only will they…show more content…
An ethics officer can ensure that their company will never make that kind of name for themselves. Therefore, they are a protector for the company. Code of Ethics According to Cross & Miller (2012), an effective way to establish an ethical tone is to create a Corporate Code of Ethics that the company follows. In a sense the one of the most important members of a corporation will be the ethics officer. This is because the ethics officer will be in control of writing a code of conduct that all employees must adhere to. Many companies have a code of conduct, but many times it is just limited to: do not be late to work, wear certain clothing or uniforms to work etc. However, the ethics officer’s code of conduct will vary considerably too many companies’ codes of conduct. The ethics codes of conduct will outline what the organizations expectations are and the officer’s expectations. These expectations will fall directly in line with what society will expect from the organization and nothing less. The code of conduct will be implemented on the employees first day of work during an orientation period. The new employees will have to sign an agreement to follow and obey all code of conduct rules and regulations, and failure to do so will result in disciplinary action or termination of their employment. Having a visible code of ethics will help because it “indicates the company’s commitment to legal compliance, as well as to the welfare of its customers or
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