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A Question of Ethics, using Ferrell’s Framework

Samarin is faced with the ethical dilemma of what to do regarding information in his possession that would allege unethical behavior within the OrangeWerks organization. After an analysis of the case, and evaluation of the identified alternatives, it is recommended that Samarin seek to clarify his concerns and attempt to rectify his ethical reservations regarding the organization. This proactive approach provides him the opportunity to right past wrongs, protect all involved parties and assist to establish a future framework for ethical decision making and communication within the organization.
Framework Analysis
Using the Ferrell Framework for Ethical Decision Making we
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The behavior exhibited by the founders in intuiting that it was Samarin’s responsibility to load the illegal software, and in creating a financial management environment with an evidenced lack of financial restraint further demonstrates an organizational culture of low accountability and questionable ethical standards.
While negligible in value, Samarin has been awarded a $5,000 bonus for past work that is conditional on a subsequent years' work. When conditions provide financial gain, recognition or simply the good feeling from a job well done, unethical conduct appears encouraged.
Samarin must first confirm key information prior to taking any further action. To act on limited information and his perception of the facts would be irresponsible. Samarin should meet directly with the founders and get clarity on three issues. 1) was payment made for UNIX licensing, 2) what is the intent and significance of the 15,000 “fake” accounts, and 3) does the organization in fact have WSIB coverage in place for the organization.
Their responses will direct him further.
If the founders claim there is no need to seek licensing for the UNIX software, that the additional 15,000 licenses are part of the business marketing model to secure additional funding and that no financial implications are pursuant to the action, and that WSIB was an oversight

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