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Ethics Ethics in a corporation is a matter of following the rules and conditions of the company sponsoring one for employment or doing business with different corporations. The corporations have to keep in mind that any actions or decisions they may take if for the worst to the better it will affect the company as a whole, the stakeholders, and the employees whom it involves along with other businesses that are associated with the corporation. It is mainly the social responsibility of the corporations to make such decisive actions toward the company. Ethics and Social Responsibility in Strategic Planning Ethics and social responsibility are similarities to one another in different scenarios…show more content…
Enron’s $63.4 billion in assets made it the largest company in the United States to file against bankruptcy. The unethical decision made by just a few people lead to the company’s shutdown, the U.S. market in a loop whole, and thousands of employees without jobs. The preventative measures that should have been taken in this place is to periodically make audits to these large type of corporations and keep going back to the companies ethical essence. The hidden revenues and assets that the company tried to hide by pretending not to care is costing the U.S. markets until this day. The government officials should have kept an eye on the shares when they dropped and when they increased all of the sudden to see where the company withholds with the losses. It is already unethical to go ahead and make those mistakes but hiding and covering up for them is even worse. Conclusion In conclusion, a corporation’s ability to abide by the rules and regulations created by the company is a company’s duty to fulfill. It is important to know the roles and strategic planning of ethics and social responsibilities of a corporation in case of future when action may be needed. Companies like Enron have destructed the markets with their unethical and unrealistic social responsibilities not only for the company and its employees but also for the whole United States market

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