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Unit 9 Final Project HU – 245 - 10 Professor Ronald Wade Erin Broker 8/30/2009 Kaplan University Unit 9 Final Project Introduction Ethics is the area of study that deals with morality and how we make decisions about how we behave as individuals and how our actions reflect our values and conduct towards one another. This class focused on two viewpoints that helped us define morality and how to apply it in new ways of thinking and reasoning when dealing with issues in our lives: consequential reasoning and non-consequential reasoning. Through an evaluation of my collected works, I will attempt to show an improvement in the areas of analytical skill building, knowledge acquisition, and practical application that are the…show more content…
full-time employees working reduced hours would not lose health care coverage (Haynes, 2009). This is an example of a corporate leader demonstrating C reasoning, more specifically, rule Utilitarian, C reasoning; looking out for the best interest of all employees involved concerning specific consequences. Rule utilitarianism, through experience and careful reasoning, try to set up rules that will bring about the greatest good for all involved (Thiroux & Krasemann, 2009, p. 43) Unit 4 presented me with an opportunity to analyze the implications of Biomedical Ethics. I think I presented a decent argument in favor of allowing palliative care in the case of Will and his family: The issues surrounding whether Will’s pain and suffering justify palliative care that may ultimately result in his death are whether it is morally acceptable to place him in a comma to ease his pain and suffering or to let him linger in pain until his inevitable death. His wife is faced with the painful option of either losing the ability to communicate with him by placing him in a comma or keeping him cognizant. Doctors have informed her that his condition has not and will not change or improve. In this situation, doctors and the hospital have informed her that their choices are limited

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