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BSB111 – Business Law and Ethics
Semester 1 2010

QBank offered Jen a substantial amount of money for the premises of her florist shop. However, this will all come at the cost of her two employees Diane and Helen losing their jobs in the shop. Therefore, it seems Jen faces an ethical dilemma, particularly because she promised her employees that she would keep them on. By looking at key relevant ethical theories a decision can be made that best suits Jens situation.


When applying the ethical theory of egoism to this case, it can be assumed that Jen will accept the offer from QBank, as she ought to be motivated to act in her own self interests. This is because, Jen benefits as her son will remain in an
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Since Jen promised that she would keep them on, she is breaking this promise if she lets them go. Therefore, if such a practice were universal it would be senseless. Furthermore, while she has offered to pay them when her business is struggling, breaking this promise does not show respect for Diane and Helen, nor is it reversible in Jen’s favour. This is because Jen would not like to be on the receiving end of such action. Therefore, Jen would have to sacrifice her benefits to uphold these established duties.


When applying virtue ethics to this case it can be assumed that Jen will accept QBank’s offer. This is because according to Aristotle’s moral virtues, certain virtues can be identified when making the decision in the case. In the context of money, Jen would show magnificence, as her money would be spent appropriately when selling her shop. Also, in the context of wealth she would show liberality as she has already offered to pay them at half price, even though the shop hasn’t been doing well. Another virtue could be identified in the context of personal challenge, as it takes courage to let her close work employees go. Therefore, as these virtues are evident if Jen decides to sell her premises, this is describing what a ‘good’ person would do.


In conclusion, I believe that Jen would sell her premises to QBank and

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