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Ethics In the healthcare profession management and employees have developed policies and procedures to help the general staff understand their role and what they are able to do according to their job description. Each hospital develops their own policies and procedures according to their needs always staying within the law. These policies and procedures help to work through ethical problems or dilemmas that a healthcare professional encounter daily. In the healthcare profession ethical dilemmas/problems are encountered every day by all of the healthcare professionals. As a registered nurse and throughout the years, I have encountered many problems of different magnitude; different situations that can affect physically and emotionally,…show more content…
It is hoped that the chaplain will hopefully be able to reason with Mr. and Mrs. Banks that physical punishment is not a way to treat another human being especially their daughter. I am hoping that the chaplain will be able to reason with Rachel's parents and make them understand the critical situation their daughter is in. That God would not want their daughter to parish due to lack of medical treatment. The physician on duty can explain to them the severity of the current situation and how rapidly it can advance to a critical state, and that if Rachel goes untreated there is a big possibility she can die as well as her unborn baby. The primary care nurse can offer support to both patient and parents and remain impartial, the supervisor will offer support to her staff as well as Rachel and her parents in addition will arrange for conference calls, meetings, and research other methods in which Rachel can be helped. Autonomy needs to be provided to the primary care nurse so she can do a good job in taking care of Rachel during her labor and allowing her to provide support for the parents as well. She will be encouraged to be sensitive and understanding, not judging toward Rachel's parents. As healthcare providers we need to remain in partial and not judge people for their decisions. We need to listen to Mr. and Mrs.

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